Affliate Partner Program

Affiliate Partner Program: Earn Cash On Our Sales!

Need a little extra cash?  Start participating in our Affiliate Partner Program and you can earn up to 5% commission on sales generated from your links to our store!  It is that easy!

To get started simply create an account (click here), it's free and requires no credit card.  Inside your account dashboard click on the AFFILIATE PROGRAM button where you will have access to all of your affiliate links and banners.  Now cut and paste the affiliate links or banner codes into emails, tweets, Facebook pages, websites etc.  When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase up to 5% of the sale is automatically credited to your account.*  If someone clicks on your link but waits to make a purchase, our software "remembers" for up to a year that the customer originally arrived through your link and you still get your commission...even up to a year later!

Getting paid is easy!  To get paid create a PayPal account and enter the email address of the account under the Payment Information tab found in the AFFILIATE PROGRAM dashboard.  Once you have accumulated a minimum balance of $50 US you can request a payout of your earnings.  Earnings are only paid on commissions that have exceeded the validation period.

That's it!  What are you waiting for?  Start earning cash today!

Curious about how much a product pays?  Login to your customer account, click on a product and scroll down to see the money bag!  The amount displayed is the commission paid on that item!  Hint: Right click on the money bag for a direct link to that product!



Please Note: To protect ourselves against fraudulent sales there is a validation period between the time that your sales commission is generated and the time that your earnings are paid.  Commissions are only paid on delivered items, commissions are not paid on incomplete payments, cancelled orders, refunds, partial refunds or returns.

* Due to the vast variety of our products, commission percentages may vary from category to category or item to item.