Robotics Teams Sponsorships & Funding Programs

Robotics Teams Sponsorship Programs

Straight Cash Sponsorship

We love to sponsor robotics teams!  Our cash sponsorship disbursements are awarded to participants of our Affiliate-Sponsorship Program, Risk Free Fund Raising Program and Referral Rewards Programs.  When applying for a straight cash sponsorship please indicate which of our programs your team participates in and attach a PDF document that contains all of the following information:

1) Team Introduction

i) Include the name of your team, the number of members and contact information/addresses of the team officers.

ii) A brief history of the team, including past projects. (We love new teams so don't be bashful about saying so!) 

iii) Planned and past competitions (if any).  For past competitions include placement (first, second, third, tenth, thirtieth, etc.).  BTW we love the underdogs!

2) Business Plan

Your business plan must answer the following:

i) Team values

ii) Goals and objectives

iii) Officer responsibilities and election procedure of appointed officers

iv) Decision making practices/procedures

v) Bookkeeping practices/procedures

vi) Project documentation practices/procedures

vii) Conflict management (How does your team handle internal conflicts?)

3) Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan must answer the following:

i) How does your team gain public awareness for itself and its sponsors?

ii) How are new sponsors solicited, welcomed and kept informed?

iii) Does your team participate in events other than competitions?  If so, please give details.  (For example, after school programs, summer robo-camps, etc.)

4) Recruitment Plan

Your recruitment plan must answer the following:

i) How does your team recruit new members?

ii) How many new members are recruited on a yearly basis?

iii) How are new members welcomed and fully informed?

iv) How quickly are new members allowed to fully participate in team projects?

v) How are new mentors solicited, welcomed and informed?


Sponsorship Programs For The Many Instead Of The Few...We Have The Solution!

Generally speaking, most straight cash sponsorship funding offered by most companies usually goes to local or high profile robotics teams.  Which means that most cash disbursement sponsorship programs have a very limited potential and favors the few rather than the many. So how do the rest of the teams overcome such an obstacle to gain the support that they need? We believe that we have the solution!

In speaking, with various school board officials, teachers and robotics team leaders, The Robot Source Inc., has developed a variety of opportunities that together with the participants is a very sustainable sponsorship-fundraising package of programs.  These programs have the ability to embrace an unlimited number of robotics teams from across North America! We know that the robot revolution has arrived and we don’t want to see anyone left behind! These programs include:

1) Affiliate-Sponsorship Program

2) Risk Free Fund Raisers

3) Immediate Discounts

4) Referral Rewards

5) Loyalty Points

6) Student Lifetime Discounts


Affiliate-Sponsorship Program*

With this program teams can earn up to 5% commissions and matched dollar-for-dollar sponsorship!

What is affiliate-sponsorship? Affiliate-sponsorship provides the robotics teams the opportunity to earn cash and sponsorship funding! For every dollar earned we match those earnings dollar for dollar with a monetary sponsorship. For example, if the robotics team is able to earn $100 we will match that with another $100! The team then receives a cheque for $200! If the team earns $1000, we match it with another $1000 for a total cash disbursement of $2000. There is no maximum limit to the amount that we will match or the number of teams that we can support through this program!

This is how the program works. Within the affiliate program is a variety of banners and links to be distributed to the other team members, friends, family, classmates, etc., which are to be used on websites, emails and across social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase our software “remembers” which link belongs to which team and up to 5% of the sale is immediately credited to the team's account!**  PLUS an equivalent amount of matched dollar-for-dollar sponsorship cash, for a total of up to 10% of the sale!  If someone clicks on your associated link, visits our store but waits to make a purchase, that sale will still be “remembered” for up to a year later, as being originally generated from your link and the team still receives their commission and sponsorship equivalent...even up to a year later!

At any time the participants can request a payment, if the validated commission earnings are US$50+ a cheque will be generated and mailed out at the end of the month in which the request is made.  To protect ourselves from fraudulent sales/commissions there is a validation period before commissions are paid.  Cheques are only generated at the end of each month once a request for payout has been initiated, this way cheques will not be issued if there is no one to receive them such as in the case of summer holidays.

Curious about how much a product pays?  Login to your team account, click on a product and scroll down to see the money bag!  The amount displayed is the commission paid PLUS the dollar-for-dollar sponsorship!  Hint: Right click on the money bag for a direct link to that product!


Please Note: To protect ourselves against fraudulent sales there is a validation period between the time that your sales commission is generated and the time that your earnings are paid.  Commissions are only paid on delivered items, commissions are not paid on incomplete payments, cancelled orders, refunds, partial refunds or returns.  Any fraudulent activity can be punishable by law and will result in the team's removal from all programs.  However, teams may purchase items through another team's links to generate funds for each other!  (We want you to do this!)

*Robots sold under the category of, "Robots For First Responders" are exempt from all affiliate and affiliate-sponsorship programs.  For robots sold under this category we will make a donation to a school or robotics team of the buyer's choice.  Donation amounts may vary from robot to robot but can be found in the description of each individual item.

**Due to the vast variety of our products, percentages may vary from category to category and item to item.


Risk Free Fund Raisers

With this program teams can hold fund raising events with no capital investment!

Risk free fund raising campaigns are another way for teams to raise both finances and public awareness. What is a risk free fund raiser? Risk free fund raisers allow teams/students to sell a product WITHOUT ANY investment capital!  Team members/students canvas door to door selling their selected products or raffle tickets. Upon return to their team or classroom headquarters, an appointed person tallies up the orders and verifies the funds collected. This person then places their order and payment with us, we in turn ship the exact quantity to the team or school for product disbursement. The difference between the team’s set selling price and purchase price is their profit!  Items to be sold or raffled can be found in our online store under the category of, "Fund Raisers".

To participate in this program, teams must be sanctioned by either a school, recognized robotics club or notary public and must contact our customer service department prior to your event.

Due to the fact that we will have secured inventory for your campaign on your behalf, we must receive payment at the time of ordering (credit card or cheque).  For this program we cannot accept purchase orders.  When paying by cheque please make prior arrangements with our customer service department.


Immediate Discounts

With this program teams can receive 5% discounts on purchases!

Team accounts are automatically set up to receive a 5% discount on most items available on our online store, if they so choose to make a purchase from us. There are some items that we can’t go below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (such as T-Motor), these items are not accessible through the team’s account but can easily be purchased through another account or through our guest check out.


Referral Rewards

With this program teams can receive additional 5% credit vouchers on referrals!

Team accounts also benefit from our referral rewards program. If someone refers another person to create an account and that referral is registered at the time of the account creation, the team can receive a credit voucher of 5% to be used on purchases from our online store. To be eligible for this program the original account holder must have made at least one previous purchase from us. There are restrictions to the number of referral vouchers dispersed and some limits do apply to the use of the vouchers (such as minimum purchases and one voucher per order).


Loyalty Points

With this program teams can receive cash conversions to apply on future purchase!

Teams earn loyalty points on purchases that can be converted to cash to be used against future purchases. Cash disbursements cannot be issued for conversions of loyalty points, these conversions are meant to be applied to future purchases from us.


Lifetime Student Discounts

With this program students can receive a lifetime of 3% discount on purchases!

If students setup their own private accounts and are willing to contact our customer service team so that their enrollment as a student can be verified.  Their account will be setup to receive a lifetime discount!  We consider any enrollment in a school (public, private or home), college, university, adult learning center as being eligible.  An attached copy of a letter of endorsement, recent report card or student card in PDF format must be attached to the customer service correspondence.

Attachments must be in PDF file format. For free PDF file conversion of documents or images you can visit


Team Enrollment.....It's Free!

To enroll in these programs there is no purchase necessary, no associated “unseen” obligations and no credit card information to be submitted.  Simply have the elected officer of the team contact customer service and attach a copy of a letter of endorsement from your school, college, university, or sanctioning club (ie FIRST).  The letter of endorsement must include the team's name (ie. The Best School Robotics Team) and include the contact information of at least two officers and one overseer which can be a mentor or teacher, relatives and family members of officers will not be accepted.  The contact information for each of these individuals must include a first and last name, a telephone number, an email address and a full mailing address.  Please specify to which mailing address cheques will be mailed out to.  All cheques will be made out to the name of the robotics team (or school), under no circumstances will we issue a cheque to an individual.  Once we have verified your team's authenticity, we will set up your account and provide your contacts with the login information.  Home schools and neighborhood robotics teams should contact our customer service department so that suitable payment arrangements can be made and will be required to submit a letter of endorsement with the letterhead, signature and seal of a notary public.

Also include information such as the team's website or webpage, Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus page, etc.

Attachments must be in PDF file format. For free PDF file conversion of documents or images you can visit


Team Purchases

Purchases will require either a credit card or PayPal account at the time of checkout.  No credit card information is ever stored on any account on our servers.  Purchase orders will be accepted from schools on the team's behalf only under the condition that prior arrangements have been made.


What About Schools?

Although our programs were designed with robotics teams in mind, many of the mentioned programs can easily be adopted for schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations to benefit from as well. Before enrolling in any of our programs for your school, college or university, please check with your local school board or school officials to ensure that proper protocol is followed.


Three Keys to Success: Participation, Communication, Organization!

We believe that we have developed a very sustainable sponsorship-funding program designed to embrace the many rather than the few.  To make this a success we only need three things; participation, communication and organization!


A Special Thanks

A special thanks to the many professors, teachers, school board officials and robotics team leaders for meeting with us during the development of this very sustainable package of sponsorship-funding programs.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our current package of programs, please feel free to contact our customer service department.


Still Have A Question?

Feel free to contact our customer service department.


Together we can embrace and move forward in the global robot revolution, the birth of an entirely new and exciting industry!  It only takes participation, communication and organization!